Disk Status Applet

Disk status applet is a simple applet for GNOME panel that allow you to monitor the usage of your mounted filesystems. The applet will show a label with the mount point followed by the percentual value of the usage, if the usage is higher than 90%, the value is displayed in red, if the value is lower than 90% but higher than 70%, the value is displayed in yellow, else it will be displayed in green. Also if you go with the pointer of the mouse over these labels, a tooltip will be displayed with additional informations about the mounted file system.



Preferences dialog


Sources files can be download from the sourceforge download page


To install disk-status-applet you have to download source tarball, unpack it and run these commands:

$ tar xfvj disk-status-applet-VERSION.tar.bz2
$ cd disk-status-applet-VERSION
$ ./configure --prefix=/usr # or another prefix, default is /usr/local
$ make
# make install

But I suggest you to use or create a package for your distribution.


If you have any problems you can file a bug on sourceforge tracker or contact me at: lucamarturana AT gmail DOT com

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